I don't know about you, but writing about myself is hard.  So, I asked the person who knows me best to give you a little introduction.....

From Steve, the Husband:
Meredith is a Family photographer in the Denver area.  When Kiddie Kandids was still a thing (about a decade ago), I realized that I could either go bankrupt paying them for pictures of our kids, or I could buy Meredith a camera and see how she could do.  As it turns out, this was a smart move (and not just because Kiddie Kandids eventually went out of business).
Now several cameras, lenses, and hard drives later, Meredith loves to take photos of people.  Her main business is with family photography and seniors, but she loves taking infant photos, fireworks photos, food photos for her Instagram (it’s an illness, I think)…she’s always looking to capture the moment.  Meredith is in the Canon faction of photographers, though many of her personal photos these days are captured with her cell-phone—as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you.
Meredith is a sweet southern belle from Kentucky.  While living far from her Old Kentucky Home has drained away most of her accent, she retains her Southern charm.  One thing that I love about Meredith (and that you will love too) is that she is invested in your happiness.  She wants you to be happy with your pictures and takes great pride when she sees a Facebook profile picture change with a smile she captured.  She frets for longer than you’d imagine over getting things to look just right and waits in agony after emailing your portfolio link until she gets word back from you that you are happy.  And if you’re not, or she’s not, then she’ll work with you to make things right (to the extent possible, of course).
When not taking photos, Meredith cares for our 3 children, ranging from a teen to a 5yr old, and makes our house a home.  She is an avid Korean drama fan, an adorable sci-fi geek (Trek and Wars), and occasionally enjoys watching British people bake on Netflix.  She is also active in her faith and is my very best friend.

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